La FerroTecnica: Tradizione artigianale ed esperienza trentennale.

In the upper Val Seriana, in the province of Bergamo, the ancient Romans had already installed ironworking centres for the production of lances and shields from the local mines. In this industrial district, since 1980, LaFerrotecnica has taken over the legacy of the master ironworkers in its own production, collaborating with the local social and technical fabric, where dedication to quality work and continuous research and innovation are virtuously combined.

LaFerrotecnica presents you with its personal concept of open-air fire. Our aim is to offer you precise and resistant cooking tools that make your culinary experience unique.
Our models are shaped by balancing advanced technology and creativity.
The best raw materials, through the expert craftsmanship, guarantee our products the extreme quality and solidity.
The fine finishes make these items so beautiful that they become furnishing accessories